Thursday, January 7, 2010


Rover started his hunt Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at about 11:30am, and today Thursday, January 7, 2010 at about 11:15am it ended with Randy Groom first to find the treasure. Imagine all that detective work in less than 24 hours. Amazing job Randy! After Randy, Dana Switzer came in 2nd at about 12:25pm, Marian Shippey Cote came in third at about 2:25pm. Congratulations to the top 3, you guys were really good!

Thanks to all of you who took part or watched on the sidelines. I know the poetry was brutal on everyone, but I’m thinking with more practice I could really become good! I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if from time to time I included some in HH. New membership to HH could soar! Well, maybe I’ll rethink the poetry thing.

Behind the scenes there were lots of people involved that need to be thanked. My wife, Lari who puts up with my quirky ideas and who is the webmaster for Historic Happenings; J. M. and Peggy Bragg who generously donated the fire alarm box; Bill Dillberg, the gentleman who spent considerable time on the telephone with many of you giving you clues; and my daughter Lyndsay who also puts up with her dad’s quirky ideas. (It was she you saw on her website along with our little granddaughter, Maggie.) And then of course the retail businesses deserve a lot of thanks for letting Rover come into their stores. Specifically, Quality Jewelers owned by Paul Heidenreich, The Pauline Collection owned by Liz McClelland, and Link’s Men’s & Women’s Wear owned by Tom and Bob Link, all were such good sports in the Rover challenge. I appreciate their community spirit. Also, it is my understanding that the Tulare County Elections Office and the Tulare County Library were bombarded with inquiries about clues, and I thank all of the county employees for their work.

So the first Rover Challenge is over. Should there be a Rover challenge II? If so, what changes or new ideas do you have? Please let me know. One more thing, if you are dying to know the answer to one or more of the clues in Rover, let me know and I’ll be happy to fill you in.

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