Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Have A Winner !
BUT Wait…

Rover Is Not Over!
There will be a prize award for the 2nd and 3rd place winners. It was actually my wife’s idea. She wanted others who worked hard to get something too.

The Grand Prize (fire alarm box) has just been won, but two more prizes are going to be given away. So the Rover player who finishes 2nd will get the choice of:

**3 original and complete Visalia Morning Delta newspapers. Each is 8 pages in length so you get 24 pages of news from November and December 1927. World news, US news, and local news including local classified ads and business advertisements, all packed in these old newspapers. They are fun to read and a great way to learn history. Each sheet measures about 18” x 22” and suitable for framing. Great collection here, and these 83-year old newspapers make wonderful textbooks to expose children to history. The 3 Visalia Morning Delta newspapers include the following dates:

1) November, 13, 1927

2) December 8, 1927

3) December 9, 1927


**You can choose a beautiful old original Visalia fruit crate label for fancy apples, grown and packed by James L. Parks, Visalia, California. It is in color and measures about 10 ½” x 9”; it’s a beauty. It shows a dog, not Rover unfortunately, but a hunting dog. I don’t know much about the label, but it would make a nice research project. I guess it to be from the 1940s. Very suitable for framing.

Again, the second place finisher gets choice of either the newspaper collection or the apple box crate label. Third place winner gets the remaining prize.

Thanks to all of you who played Rover and the plan is to do another Rover challenge in a few months. Suggestions for the next one are always welcome. Prizes, ideas, clues and clue locations are especially welcome.

Once the 2nd & 3rd place winners are identified, I will announce all of the winners of the first Rover Challenge.

P.S. I am thinking about Rover T-shirts! What do you think?

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