Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Congratulations go out to James Hitchcock for correctly identifying the last mystery spot. This was a tough one and only a handful of you got it right. Thanks to all for trying. I also want to thank Peter Cowper for suggesting this interesting façade as a mystery spot. By the way, a short time after James correctly identified it, Jay Belt identified it also and sent a link which simply amazed me. If you'd like to see the link on Google Maps, let me know and I'll email it to you. It's quite interesting. Thanks Jay for pointing out that technology can be a helpful in all sorts of ways.

This façade was the building that housed Adeline Marie’s, a clothing store at 114 So Locust owned by Emma Martel. Thanks Duane Copley for remembering the name of business. At another time the building was either a part of Justeson’s Market or adjacent to it. When I mentioned Justeson’s, it elicited a reaction from several of you. Carole Mathewson remembered Justeson’s as a child and recalls proudly walking through the market with a box of animal crackers dangling by a string from her waist. Remember the little string on the box of animal crackers? Sometimes it’s the tiny little things we remember. Rita Loffland Cooley can remember exactly where the drinking fountain was in the back of the Justeson’s store.

Now for the next mystery spot. Where is this building? Here are the clues:
1) The granite used in this building came from the Rocky Point Granite Works.
2) The building was built in 1894.
3) Elias Jacob built the building.
4) The site at one time housed the Masonic Lodge.
Good luck to you.

Acme Beer Remembered
Ann Shaw recently shared with me a great old Visalia photo. It shows a man, Herbert Turner, standing by his Acme Beer delivery truck which was parked in front of the J. E. Frame Wholesale Liquor dealership. This is the same dealership that Ann’s father worked at delivering beer and she has fond memories of riding with him in his delivery truck. This liquor dealership was located on Murray Ave about where Glick’s Meat Market was for years. Nice one, Ann! Anyone know the make and year on this truck?

Linwood Street
In 1890 the acreage around what is now Linwood and 198 was undeveloped and still a huge oak forest covered in grass. One of Visalia’s prominent pioneers, Tipton Lindsey (no connection to either the town of Tipton or Lindsay) bought the land and two years later transformed it into a showcase fruit producing area. He called it Lindwood Colony or Linwood Colony, I’ve seen it both ways. Somehow when the street was named the "d" was dropped, but it is clearly connected to Tipton Lindsey's premier fruit growing region.

Do You Remember “Alice in Wonderland,” Rated X at the Fox?
Photographer James “Jim” Davis, now deceased, captured on film a rather rare scene and one that I have only read about. As you can see in this photo, the marquee says “Alice in Wonderland” X Rated. This movie was released in 1976 and is considered the last film that was shown at the Fox Theatre prior to its conversion to a tri-plex which was started in 1976. James Davis had lots of photographic experience in the Navy and I’m told he was a long-time employee of the Edison Company. Thanks to him, we have this historical Fox photo and thanks Peter Cowper for sharing it with us.

Mystery Photograph Found Tucked Away ---- Need Help On This One!
Dennis Whistler, a Visalia architect and his associates, purchased a home at 904 W. Main Street, and converted it into their office. In the mid 1970s, Dennis found a small negative stuck behind a built-in buffet and he had it developed. Through investigative work, he has identified Nancy Iseman on the right who he said later married Leo Swanson. He identified Chris Akers, second from the right who later married Keith Devine. The others remain unknown and requests help from anyone who knows who they might be. He thinks the group might be from the class of 1949. Let me know and I’ll pass it along to Dennis.

Remember These Old Auto Symbols?
Russ Dahler shared this old photograph with us. It shows the advertising logos on the building that at one time was the Claude Allred Dealership at the corner of Bridge and Main streets in Visalia. Later Arnold Wiebe occupied the building and it was when the Wiebe dealership was there that the old ad logos were uncovered on the backside of the building. This building was demolished to make way for the multiplex Regal Theater that is there now. The old Larson Hotel can be seen in the background on the right hand side of the photo and of course it is now gone, too. There is something very nostalgic about these old automobile logos, don’t you think? By the way this photo is dated on the back, November 1988.

Pancakes Anyone -- A Celebrity Comes to Visalia
Betty Treaster shared something interesting with me a couple of weeks ago. She and her husband Lyman, now deceased, belonged to Visalia’s Sequoia Lions Club and she remembered when Aunt Jemima came to the club for “Pancake Day.” The Quaker Oats Co. would send Aunt Jemima out to promote their products and this photo dated December 1, 1955, indicates she had come to Visalia. It was taken at the Orchid Room in the old Moose Club and this picture shows Aunt Jemima and Lyman Treaster. Anyone know anything about this visit or any other celebrities that paid Visalia visit?

***Success! The Star Laundry explosion information made it to the right person. Pat Hanson’s grandmother was injured in that explosion and was listed in the newspaper articles at the time.

***Rosie Longan wanted me to pass along this important information. The Sequoia Genealogical Society is in its new beautiful home in the new Tulare Library. It is located at 475 No. “M” Street, telephone 685-2342; hours of operation are 11:00am to 3:00pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Wednesday’s from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.

***Regarding John Brackett, Jan Andrews his daughter said, "Dad worked for the Times Delta before it was acquired by Gannett. I believe the sale occurred a year after he retired. Dad worked for Bob Speidel from 1948 to approximately 1966. Ed Quilla succeeded Bob Speidel as publisher and was transferred to Poughkeepsie, New York after a year or so and then dad was named publisher."

“Dance Music – That Will Make the Sap Run in a Wooden Leg.” Part of an advertisement for Visalia’s Sierra Park, Visalia Morning Delta, July 13, 1926.